In 2007, Jimmy Fallon, the talk show host, and his then-fiancé, Nancy Juvonen, were planning their wedding.

As you might imagine, it was going to be a big, extravagant, and expensive wedding, with many guests. It's the kind of wedding—the kind of opportunity—that most wedding professionals dream of being a part of.


As it happens, Mr. Fallon and Ms Juvonen made a video that tells the story of their wedding planning. And it didn't go exactly the way you or I might have hoped.


Here’s what Ms Juvonen said: "We just kept talking to these wedding people and they want to talk about napkins and things we just could not have cared less about really on any level.’’


So what did they do?


They completely dropped their plans for a large wedding.


They literally left the country and eloped.


With twelve guests.


On just three weeks notice.


Were they happy? "Hands down one of the best days and nights of my life," Fallon said. "It was the best wedding I've ever had," Juvonen said.


That would never happen to me, I hear you thinking.


The really scary part is it probably happens to you more often than you realize.


Jimmy and Nancy are not alone.


Weddings of every shape and size are lost, every day, all over the world, because wedding professionals don’t know what I’m going to tell you.


Many wedding professionals ignore—or don't know—the keys things that can bring them more weddings, make them more money and make them— and their clients—happier.


I will tell you what those are, and what you need to do next.


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