david egan

If we’re going to work together, you really ought to know who I am!

I've sat with thousands of couples who were planning their weddings. I've listened to their needs, desires, fears, and joy.


I get you.


I've lived and breathed weddings for 18 years. I've helped plan and execute 700+ weddings as Proprietor and Steward of the Castle at Chase Court, the wedding venue I own in Baltimore, Maryland. I write a column on weddings for Baltimore OUTloud, Maryland's LGBTQ newspaper, and write a regular guest blog on weddings for partyspace.com.


In 2018, I received a National Association for Catering and Events NACE One Award for Wedding of the Year for a Harry Potter-themed wedding at Chase Court.


When I'm not doing something wedding (which is most of the time), I enjoy photography (I used to be a professional product photographer), and especially love making photographs of cars. (Wanna see? Look here.) I love primary colors, sports cars, and dark chocolate. I also make a mean stir fry!


On a deeper level, I've spent decades practicing and learning about the mind/body/spirit connection, mindfulness, and exploring the work of Byron Katie, Brené Brown, Harvey Jackins, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and Leo Buscaglia, among others.


And for nearly twenty years I’ve led and co-led several dozen workshops across the country, centered around creating deep human connection.


So, what does all of that mean for you and your wedding?


I'm glad you asked!


Time and again I've sat and listened to couples, hearing what was said and what was unsaid. I could see that they were ready to spend money and invest time in planning their wedding. But I knew that they were not going to get the wedding they wanted—because they didn’t know what that was in the first place!


They had already launching into making big decisions and spending lots of money before they knew even the basics of what they wanted. And the worst part? They had NO IDEA how to do the thing that they were doing!


Everything began to change when i asked them a few simple questions.


I’ve noticed, through all those thousands of conversations that I’ve had with engaged couples, that there are questions to be asked and topics to be explored that make all the difference between a heartfelt, unforgettable wedding, and one that isn’t.


That’s when I began to realize that I had more to bring than just providing a venue for weddings.


I love working with couples. But I wanted to work deeper. I wanted to bring more to their wedding experience.


And I saw a need.


What would it be like if couples had an impartial, professional person with deep knowledge and experience in the wedding world, one who could guide them and support them as they made decisions about their wedding, from start to finish?


Not a planner, but a coach, to help them create a wedding experience that deeply reflects who they are as individuals and as a couple. And to provide experienced guidance on how to make good decisions about all things wedding, including how to choose their venue, caterer, wedding planner, and other wedding professionals, without allegiance to anyone or anything else.


That's what I'm doing with Getting The Wedding You Want.


I'm tapping into every bit of knowledge and experience that I've accumulated over the years to save you time, money, and heartache.


I believe that you should have a wedding that is exactly perfect for the two of you. A wedding where it all feels just right—because it is.


I invite you to look around the website, see if this might be for you, and give me a call or drop a note for a free exploratory Zoom call.


(By the way, I'm an awesome podcast guest!)

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