You can have an extraordinary wedding!

But many couples never do.

It’s not a surprise, really.


Wedding planning is complicated. There is so much to do! And everyone wants to get into the act. Mothers, mothers-in-laws to be, fathers, friends, co-workers, and really, anyone and everyone who knows you’re going to get married.


As if that weren’t enough, there are so many distractions to throw you off course. Everyone wants to talk to you about the pretty things and how they planned their own wedding and about their vision for your wedding. You’re bombarded with information. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed.


Before you know it, you’re spending money and making big decisions.


And that would be a mistake.


As the owner of a wedding venue, I’ve spent a lot of the past twenty years working at weddings. Hundreds and hundreds of them. I've noticed and learned a lot of things, but one learning in particular stands out from all the rest.


Over time I began to understand that the best weddings aren't about the venue or the food or the flowers or anything physical. Sure, there's often pretty things and great food and all the rest. But that isn’t what sets extraordinary weddings apart from ordinary ones.


It turns out to be something far less tangible. It is something unique that the couple brings to their wedding.


They make it theirs — and make it extraordinary — by making it a reflection of who they are as individuals, and who they are becoming together.


That's the magic, the essence that makes the celebration of their union so powerful, and so wonderful.


It seems simple, doesn't it? But it's not always easy for couples to identify and articulate that essence, and then bring it to bear in their wedding planning.


And that's not all.


The world of weddings can be complex and difficult to navigate. It can be challenging to get what you want. And there's often a lot of money at stake.


Getting The Wedding You Want is about coaching you through all the noise, all of the sensory overload, all the of bluster that you see and hear about weddings, and uncovering the essence of what will make your wedding an authentic, wonder-filled, and truly meaningful experience for each of you.


I coach couples who create extraordinary weddings that reflect who they are as individuals and as a couple.


Working together from anywhere in the world via Zoom, FaceTime, or your preferred video platform, I will:


• identify and bring out what makes your union unique, and how that might look when you create your wedding.


• Discovery what each of you individually want (and don’t want) for your wedding experience, and what you want (and don’t want) as a couple.


• Teach you how to navigate through family, friends, and all of the wedding professionals.


• Imagine with you a wedding experience that deeply reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple.


• Teach you how to choose a venue, caterer, wedding planner, musician, DJ, photographer, videographer, and other wedding professionals.


(BTW, what I *don't* do is recommend specific wedding professionals, or actually plan your wedding.)


• Give you the language and tools you need to effectively communicate your needs and desires to wedding professionals—and your family and friends!


• Teach you how to make the best decisions about all things wedding.


If this sounds useful to you, I invite you give me a call or drop a note for a free exploratory Zoom call.


Imagine a wedding experience that deeply reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple.

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